Corral Creek

Corral Creek is a complicated system of several creek forks, wet meadows, and forest. The area was heavily logged and an extensive railroad system was constructed over 100 years ago. The east fork has since degraded and braided into incised borrow ditches and heavily eroded cattle crossings, and was confined in places by railroad berms. Construction on the first restoration reach was completed during the summer of 2008, and another reach completed in 2009. Design is underway for the third reach. TerraGraphics provided concepts, survey, design, permitting support, and construction engineering as several thousand feet of the stream was put back into its historic channel and several acres of wetlands were restored. Steelhead habitat and meadow hydration are greatly improved by this project.

Corral Creek Restoration, Before Degraded Channel Before Restoration

Corral Creek Restoration, After Meadow Wetlands During the First Summer After Construction