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TerraGraphics provides expert level technical environmental support to all phases of CERCLA and RCRA actions. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes remedial support from investigation and characterization through feasibility study and final remedy selection. Technical services applied during the investigation and cleanup phases include sampling design (data quality objective facilitation), investigation and remedial action work plan development, data quality assessment, geologic modeling, GIS, air dispersion modeling, environmental regulatory permitting, and waste management.

Environmental professionals at TerraGraphics provides support to all levels of Environmental Site Assessments for property investigation and real estate transactions.


TerraGraphics provides expertise in the field of waste management and transportation services. TerraGraphics waste professionals ensure compliance with state and federal regulations by offering their experience in waste designation, packaging, storage, and shipment, assisting clients with cradle to grave planning and execution of projects involving generation or handling of waste materials.


TerraGraphics environmental professionals are experienced in the navigation of increasingly complex regulatory processes. Permitting support and construction monitoring services are offered by our team to help ensure our clients maintain project success and environmental stewardship.

Dispersion Modeling

TerraGraphics assists clients in hazard evaluation, mitigation, and planning through the use of state of the art air modeling software operated and interpreted by expert level professionals trained in this very specific field. Air dispersion modeling is used to predict and anticipate scenarios generated at emission sources.


TerraGraphics geologists include field geologists, geologic modelers, and hydrogeologists. Field geologists are professionals experienced in the installation of groundwater wells and subsurface sampling through various drilling methods. These individuals are trained in 40 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and have experience characterizing previously uninvestigated sites. Hydrogeologists and modelers apply scientific principles to help solve problems related to leak detection, contaminant fate and transport, site characterization, groundwater remediation, and work plan development and implementation.


TerraGraphics offers professional archeologists proficient in cultural resources management to ensure our clients execute projects within the bounds of federal and state regulations. Our team has extensive experience conducting archaeological investigations, monitoring, mitigation, and reporting for compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, Washington SEPA, and Washington State Executive Order 05-05.


TerraGraphics biologists and geographers are a group of scientists experienced in species identification, inventorying, surveying, revegetation, mitigation, and mapping. Flora and fauna of the northwest are a treasured resource and TerraGraphics provides value-added technical guidance on investigating, planning, and executing projects with any level of biological impact. GIS database design, field data collection, modeling, spatial analysis and high quality map production are offered as services to supplement any project.