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TerraGraphics provides Performance Assurance (PA) services in the areas of tracking, trending and analyzing data from the corrective action management system; tracking the status of corrective actions; performing management and specialty assessments, and leading event investigations and causal analysis. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes the development of metrics and key performance indicators utilizing the corrective action management system; investigation of issues and abnormal events, followed by causal analysis to develop corrective actions and prevent recurrence; and coordinating/leading multi-disciplined assessment teams to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, procedures, and on-going field activities. TerraGraphics’ staff is comprised of former PA, Technical Support and Operation’s managers; corrective action specialists; personnel qualified as assessment/event investigation team leads, and personnel trained in root and apparent cause analysis.

TerraGraphics provides Work Planning and Project Control services. Specifically, work planning includes clearly defining the scope, identification of the hazards, and establishment of mitigation controls in a structured, concise work document. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes trained work planners to develop preventive, corrective, and troubleshooting work packages in the areas of operations, maintenance, and construction. The staff is comprised of senior planners for the preparation of electrical, mechanical, construction and structural work activities in high-risk environments (e.g., radiological, confined space, electrical, etc.). Project Controls include financial planning and analysis, scheduling, cost estimating, contract development, and earned value management. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes risk management, monthly financial and performance reporting and the change control process. The staff is comprised of project controls specialists with experience with Project Management applications, tools, and concepts.

TerraGraphics provides Safeguards & Security (SAS) services. Specifically, SAS includes security assessments, vulnerability assessments, self-assessments, interface with safety analysis groups and design reviews of new material storage facilities. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes SAS program oversight, guidance, advocacy, optimization and technical assistance. In addition, it includes analysis in the areas of blast effects on barriers, structures, containers and personnel; crater formation and blast fragments; and dispersion of toxicological and/or radiological materials. The staff is comprised of senior specialists, with over 50 years of combined experience, in safety analysis (e.g., material release, transport, and dose consequences), security vulnerability analysis, chemical terrorism vulnerability, project management, and emergency management.

Training includes attaining proficiency in each course taught, presenting the approved material, maintaining a learning environment, and providing instructional design support for new classes. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes electrical safety, isolation boundary controls, fieldwork supervision, electrical installations and maintenance, strong presentation skills, and liaison support to the National Training Center (NTC). The staff is comprised of highly experienced craft and field-knowledgeable personnel, with over 20 years of teaching experience in a variety of safety-related courses.

Conduct of Operations (ConOps) consists of formal documentation, practices, and actions implementing disciplined and structured operations. It is implemented through facility policies, directives, plans and safety management systems. The goal is to minimize the likelihood and consequences of human fallibility or technical and organizational system failures. It provides concrete techniques and practices to implement the ISM Core Functions to develop and implement hazard controls, perform work within those controls and provide feedback. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes operational readiness and startup activities for various radioactive and hazardous waste projects, safety basis and regulatory compliance implementation, surveillance and routine activities, procedure compliance assessments, documentation reviews, and preventative/corrective maintenance of high hazard and general facilities. The staff provides oversight of ConOps and field activities, is comprised of former shift operations and shift managers, operation managers/engineers and fieldwork supervisors; emergency preparedness specialists; procedure development specialists and operations support specialists; lock & tag technical authority, and safety basis compliance officer support.

Administrative Services include editing and processing of simple to complex documents that may contain text and numeric tables, including scientific data, figures, and graphics. Document processing includes formatting and comment incorporation. TerraGraphics’ staff experience includes configuration control of documents with multiple chapters and appendices within collaborative development space (e.g., SharePoint, IDMS, etc.). In addition, staff involvement with workers, subject matter experts, and management ensures a quality product. The TerraGraphics’ staff is comprised of technical publications specialists, with over 35 years of experience, specializing in the organization, writing, and editing of complex documents.