What's new at TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering?

May 9, 2016

TG’s Department of Energy (DOE) Program Division continues to experience strong growth in 2016. After starting the division with one person in October 2013, TG Pasco now has nearly 60 professional consultants supporting the environmental cleanup efforts at the Hanford site. TG Pasco’s diverse workforce includes a variety of engineers and scientists, as well as a meteorologist and two archaeologists. Although the Environmental business unit continues to be our largest group, the Operations and Work Planning business units have experienced high growth rates since their inception in late 2015. With our diverse professional staff, we are poised for continued growth and expansion of our business units this year and in the future.
TerraGraphics supports four of the five DOE prime contractors at the Hanford site on cleanup tasks that include, but aren’t limited to, treatment of radiological and chemical liquid waste, pump and treat systems, groundwater monitoring, and cleanup of vadose zone contaminated soil sites.
TG’s DOE Program is pursuing work at other sites throughout the DOE Complex, including at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). TG looks to expand our DOE support to sites at Portsmouth, Paducah, and the Nevada Test Site outside of Las Vegas. TG is exploring opening offices at other DOE locations to locally support these efforts.
– Chris Haas, DOE Program Director