Lifting Analysis and Design

Lifting Analysis and Design



TerraGraphics engineers provided a structural analysis for lifting a chemical manifold structure for use on the Hanford Site. This included the design of the lifting device and evaluation of the design to the Site Standards.

    • Hanford Site Outer Zone Waste Site Remediation

Project management responsible for work planning, infrastructure design, and personnel management of subcontractors and bargaining unit personnel in soil remediation efforts to successfully remediate over 150 acres of contaminated soil at the BCCA, and over 20 acres at additional 200E and 200W area waste sites. Documentation of DOT shipment records, waste volumes, sampling and analysis results and cleanup verification through regulatory approval.

    • 105KE Reactor Unplanned Release Characterization

Project management of planning and design of the controls, tools, methods, and field crew to drill through zones of high contamination to characterize the nature and extent of the unplanned release from the fuel storage basin at the 105KE reactor in Hanford’s 100-K area. After planning and design, personnel managed site set-up and readiness reviews prior to high-risk drilling. Managed performance reporting under EVMS protocols for the duration of the project.