TerraGraphics, Inc. participates in STEM Like Me Program

Pasco, Washington – TerraGraphics, Inc. participated in a STEM Like Me Program event. Professionals from TerraGraphics engaged with small groups of local middle school students, advising each group about the mentor’s focus, their education, and their current job role. The men-tors created hands-on activities to capture the groups interest; with the intention to bridge a learning experience for each student to the mentors’ career. Collectively, the TerraGraphics mentors stated, “This is a fun opportunity. It was exciting to see students really engage with the careers they found interesting.”

TerraGraphics professional , Heath Low, was awarded a plaque for his leadership and dedication to building a bridge that continues to link students, educators, and the community to STEM resources through the Mid- Columbia STEM Network. TerraGraphics looks to continue their participation with STEM Like Me, and provide continuous effort to give back to the community.

-Heath Low, QA Engineer