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September 12, 2018

The opportunity that comes with a great STEM education is clear.  From gaining the critical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21stcentury economy, to solving problems in your own backyard, STEM is essential to every student’s future success.  What’s not always clear is the path from STEM student to STEM professional. That’s where TerraGraphics and the Mid-Columbia STEM Network come in.

TerraGraphics is a locally owned HUBZone Small Business that provides a wide range of technical support to projects throughout the western US, including the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site. They specialize in electrical, mechanical, and structural design, field geologic and archaeological services, and many other STEM intensive services.  TerraGraphics has thrived throughout their 34 years in operations.  In 2013, TerraGraphics opened an office in the Tri-Cities and has experienced substantial growth and they know that their local community is a big reason why.  The Mid-Columbia STEM Network has been a pioneer in creating STEM education opportunity in the Tri-Cities area through bringing together the necessary partners of business, education, and the community at large.  This coalescence of stakeholders had led to transformational STEM experiences such as STEM like Me, a career connected learning experience that pairs middle school students with industry professionals through hands-on career exploration. “TerraGraphics extraordinary commitment to community service has led to them becoming a top provider of STEM Like ME! volunteers in our region.  TerraGraphics employees are creative, dedicated and make a huge impact on our students,” reports Deb Bowen, STEM Network Director.

President of TerraGraphics, Dave Legard, has made community giving and investment around STEM a core part of their business which is why they continue to maintain the federal designation of being a HUBZone-certified small business.  What this translates to is a commitment to hiring and supporting employees from historically and economically disadvantaged areas within our community.   But TerraGraphics knew they could do more.

When it comes to creating the opportunity that Washington students are so deserving of, it often takes a village to get them to that point where they can take charge of their own future. The partnership between TerraGraphics, the Mid-Columbia STEM Network, and the greater Tri-Cities community is an example of what that village looks like in the 21stcentury.


January 2, 2018

TerraGraphics is excited to announce the implementation of the TG College Scholarship Program. In an effort to exceed the intent of the Small Business Association (SBA) HUBZone program, TG is committed to providing educational opportunities within our community. As such, the TG Scholarship Program is designed to encourage and emphasize college education and community involvement. Supporting students in their education is important to TerraGraphics and we’re committed to helping educate, inspire, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. The Scholarship Program will recognize and reward students for attending college and contributing time to their communities. The Program is open to applicants residing in a HUBZone designated areas and must be enrolled in an accredited public or private college, university, or trade school to be selected and to remain in the Program. For more information on this exciting program contact

-Beth Mata, Director – Business Development

October 17, 2017

WRPS was honored to win the Department of Energy’s Mentor of the Year award for FY16. WRPS was recognized at an award ceremony at the 2017 DOE Small Business Forum & Expo in Kansas City, MO.

WRPS’ Mentor Protégé is TerraGraphics located in a HUBZone in Pasco, WA. TerraGraphics incorporates a synergistic approach and long-term vision into environmental and engineering projects. Solving today’s environmental problems requires the coordination of a variety of disciplines and expertise. Founded in 1984, TerraGraphics has been making a difference for nearly 33 years. Our approach to problem-solving and our commitment to client service guide the success of every project.

August 2, 2017

Initial testing of a technology to eliminate chemical vapors is showing promise, destroying 95 percent of the vapors fed into the system in a recent test.

WRPS is supporting NUCON International as it develops a thermal-oxidation demonstration project based on an internal combustion engine. The unit works by pulling tank vapors into the engine’s induction system and combusts them in the engine cylinders, destroying the vapors in the process.

Proof-of-concept testing was conducted in May. The goal of the test was to determine if the NUCON unit could destroy or remove chemicals of potential concern, or COPCs, in the tank farms with 93 percent destruction efficiency. The NUCON unit performed above that threshold, destroying 95 percent of the vapors fed into the system.

Testing was performed at NUCON’s facility in Columbus, Ohio. It focused on destroying furans and hexane, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, ammonia and mercury. Representatives from WRPS, DOE-ORP and TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, Inc. witnessed the testing.

While it was demonstrated that the system works at a high level, it did not demonstrate the system functions adequately with the low concentrations of compounds such as furans and nitrosamines that are present in the Hanford waste tanks. Additional testing will be performed to help resolve this issue.

The NUCON units will be shipped to an off-site facility in Richland for bench-scale testing. If successful, those tests will be followed by a pilot-scale test in fiscal year 2018 and a full-scale demonstration in the years that follow.

The NUCON thermal-oxidation unit is one of a number of technologies being explored to improve worker safety. The WRPS Chief Technology Office began evaluating technologies in fiscal year 2016.

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